Get ready to crack open a cold one, wrap up in a blanket, and gather in close around the campfire, because ‘American Getaway: The Very True, Very Strange Story of Camp Wandawega’ is coming to @Spotify and @Apple Podcasts on May 4th!
For the first time ever, Camp Wandawega’s stranger-than-fiction history is being shared as a six-part audio experience. Inspired by tall tales told around the campfire, American Getaway blends a century of history, humor, mythology, and music to tell a uniquely American story.



American Getaway was created by @austinsailsbury and @larshauschildt, edited by @chadmichaelsnavely at @sound_on_studios in Nashville, and features songs by @philipbowenmusic, @joseph_bradshaw, @beauscottjennings, @_robynquin and @volunteersounds.