WE LOVE PITCHDESIGNUNION! (Margot is an insanely talented graphic designer) that joined us for ArtCamp, hosted up at the cabin’s home on lake Wandawega, here’s what she had to say: 
“Friends, meet Wandawega. By the time you’re reading this, I will be enroute and I’m so beyond honored & excited to be there. And it’s not just for fun, relax, play in the woods times, but for ART CAMP!! Organized by Tereasa Surratt (incidentally, her house is on the cover of Dwell this month too) and Angela Finney-Hoffman of Post27, it’s a total-all-out art freakfest and we are building a treehouse(!) in the woods. There’s also going to be zine & collage jamming, birdhouse building, and a giant field-size painting going up too. It’s going to be insanely happy times.”

read her whole blog on art camp here:  pitchdesignunion.com