STUDIOGANG ARCHITECTS- REVEAL. (the ultimate before and after)

(the ultimate before and after)

no words can describe how freaking exciting we were to get the new book in the mail. it features 8 case study projects, ranging from Aquatower to SOS children museum, to the marble curtain, to… our old barn.

she features a good dozen shots telegraphing just how horrific the barn was- a burnt-out, caving-in, flooded, filthy mess of a shell that we called home. (that was BEFORE she got her hands on it)

the chapter features her process of design, including sketches, scrap, inspiration.

it pretty fantastic to see her process, and we are beyond humbled that she was willing to take our little case study project 6 years ago for our 5 dollar budget.

check it out: http://tinyurl.com/4jvwfep

Chicago is famous for its role in fostering modern architecture. Now Jeanne Gang, founder of Studio Gang Architects, is giving the epithet “Chicago School” a new meaning. Her recently completed 82-story Aqua residential tower is already an icon of the Chicago skyline and has been universally hailed as a masterwork for the young firm. Reveal presents an in-depth look at the firm’s unique work and working process through drawings, diagrams, sketches, and photographs that illuminate the evolution of each of the book’s eight featured projects, both public and private, and ranging in size from exhibition to high-rise.