the story of a family. told with 986 buttons

the wall is comprised of nearly 1000 hand made buttons.
3 sizes, of circles and squares.
all mounted on nailheads
each nail head protruding from the wall at different depths.
each button features a photo, or fragment of a photo of a family member or memory.
the installation looks like a galaxy… a cluster that spreads & thins as it stretches out to
the edges of the wall and the room itself.
at the outermost fragments you will find my great grandparents on both sides.
and david’s ancestors as well.
as we move into the center, 
it features our grandparents, 
then our parents (as children – then adults)
then my husband and I as kids, our brothers and sisters,
as the buttons cluster tighter and closer together 
as we move to the center,
it culminates to…
C H A R L I E.
this is one more installation by the amazing artist ANDERSNILSEN.
(& thanks to busy beaver buttons, too!)