when we bought camp wandawega, we found the chair in what we most affectionately refer to as ‘the raccoon room’.
(the room earned its names because of the ginormous family of rodents that had taken up residency in the storage room of one of the camp cabins)

we almost tossed it. it was barely a shadow of its former self.
but just as i was dragging it into the dumpster, we saw that its underside had a few different colors– so we started dissecting it.

to find that it had layer upon layer (and decade up decade) of shades of paint, textures and styles of fabrics. the green and white striped canvas on the top layers looked familiar.
it was the awning fabric from the cabin (i remembered seeing the awning in a photograph from the 60’s)

ripping that off revealed the other layers.

a good scrubbing,
a few coats of hunter green paint it looked like its old self.
a vintage hudson bay style wool blanket (found at a thrift store) was the new upholstery choice.

(total chair makeover cost: $50)