MANIFESTO of low expectations….

rus-tic adj \rəs-tik\
1: of, relating to, or suitable for the country : rural (rustic rolling farmland)
2: made of the rough limbs of trees (rustic furniture)
3: characteristic of or resembling country people (lacking in social graces or polish)
4: appropriate to the country (as in plainness or sturdiness) ie: heavy rustic boots

In an effort to prepare folks for their stay with us at Camp Wandawega, we’ve written a “Manifesto of Low Expectations.”

Lodges that offers comfortable beds, air conditioning, modern plumbing, and protection from predator mammals are a dime a dozen. In fact you can book one right now at www.boring-a**-hotel.com

Here at Camp Wandawega we take a more natural approach. (that warm body sleeping next to you might be a chipmunk)

If you require sheets with a thread count higher than 50, a concierge, new box springs and the like, there are dozens of lovely options in the area (We are not for the meek, the squeamish or any other synonym for folks who don’t like roughing it)

* Ladybugs on your pillow, and the occasional cricket if you’re lucky.
* The errant chipmunk doing laps around your cabin.
(Possibly larger mammals: we have raccoon squatters who seem to enjoy camping as well.)
* ‘Camp showers’ We’re talking old school, boy scout camp, concrete floors, partial open air kind’ thing. toads have been known to stop in.

Why on earth do folks want to come here?:
Complete absence of pretense. a lake with virtually no traffic. 25 acres of untouched woods & trails filled with wildlife.

– a million stars, and even more birds.
– the opportunity to walk out your door to the lake. (Literally a few steps away)
– all fishing gear, boats, sports equipment, s’mores tools, grill, are included in your stay.
– You’re treated like a house guest, not a renter.
(this is, after all our summerhouse that we’ve just recently opened up for cabin rentals)
– A really Vintage (and by vintage we mean really old with lots of character) basketball, shuffleboard,
Volleyball, and tennis courts.
– A private beach. Two creaky old piers, lined with vintage rowboats (there’s that word again)
– Fishing and campfires. Hiking trail, swimming, archery.
– A few retro Schwinns to explore the area.
(fill your bike basket at the boutique gourmet grocer just up the lane)
– Rope swings that will launch you far beyond your comfort zone
– A lake full of fish, turtles and frogs (Wisconsin Department to Natural Resources
calls it ‘one of the cleanest lakes in the state’)
– Hammocks, floating inner-tubes, swim platform, stocked campfire pit

Everything you’ve heard is true, our bathrooms haven’t changed in 80 years. Not much has, actually.
A trip to Wandawega is essentially a trip back in time. Every room in every cabin is outfitted with only period antiques fitting its colorful history from prohibition era lodge / brothel to 1950s summercamp. Guest rooms & cabins come equipped with the standard issue of vintage books, rackets, jigsaw puzzles.

Your camp counselors are typically around on weekends, and would love nothing more than to have beers with you in the lodge (where you’ll find billiards, darts, movies, vintage library and all manner of random entertainment– including a SHOTSKI, of course.)

So if you’re the type of person who thought that The Waltons were a bunch of pampered little brats, then we believe you will enjoy your stay at Camp Wandawega. (Assuming you’ve had a recent tetanus shot & signed your liability waiver)

If you’re still reading this, you might be considering paying us a visit so that means you’re probably our kinda’ guest. (Pleased to meet you) Wandawega is the zero-frills, old-school summer camp experience that Martha Stewart, Country Living, Chicago Home & Garden, The Chicago Tribune and Chicago Social Interiors, Readymade, Wisconsin magazine & NPR have talked about. (and the Hearst book ‘A Very Modest Cottage’ & Random House book ‘Found Free & Flea’) were written about.

If you can find us, and there’s still a cabin open, it’s yours.
We cant figure out why, but we book up fast.

see you soon.

your camp counselors,

Tereasa & David (& frankie, the loyal mutt mascot)

* Free local calls, depending on your cell phone plan.
* Some rooms come with a shower, all come with a lake.
* Hot Water (the single luxury)
* Pool (disguised as a solar heated lake)
* Some air-conditioning is available. when the breeze is blowing. (& Emergency windows units if you’re really a wuss)
* shared kitchens & bath (designed during prohibition, it all communal)
* we provide sheets, original retro camp towels (think military issue) & a sense of humor.

* BYOBS. Bring your own bug spray.
* WARNING: Deer, raccoons, coyotes, possum, woodchucks foxes have no boundaries. (READ: food left out is fare game)
* BEWARE of dog (frankie) – he has been known to lick folks to death. he also has no boundries.
* PACK a large bag, folks typically don’t want to leave after a visit.