a makeover with a story

how to tell the story of a man, a brand, a heritage through interior design?
case in point:
a makeover i did for our reception tells the story of a brand, a man and a company.

the tweed of his jackets cover buttons on leather side chairs
(the old English upholstered style is referential to his homeland of England)
an eye patch from one of his more famous campaigns.
a favorite font.
a hand written note.
his book is shadowboxed.
some famous quotes designed in filigree and framed.
a leaf from the gardens of his estate in the south of France.
a swatch of the tartan of namesake OGILVY clan-shipped in from Scotland.
wood type collage in his mantra HOW TO
FLOR tiles in his signature pantone 485 red (the color of his infamous suspenders)

the pieces were sourced from everywhere:
(shown here: a vase from IKEA. end table from DWR.
side table from westelm, & another from Salvation Army. reception desk from One Stop Modern, and the fab couch + sideboard from post27. side lamps & wall sculpture from MCM grand, edison bulb fixtures & sidechairs from Anthropology. accessories found, free & flea.

thanks: Will Golden. partner in crime, thrifting and all things interior
thanks: Matt Gore & Jacob Hand for the photos
thanks: Ogilvy for the fun project