the mystery staircase

we always wondered why the staircase from the old hotel dropped down the hill and ended up in the lake.
where did it go? 
a boathouse?
an old peir now long gone?
wandawega was built in the 1920’s. 
over the decades, entire sections have dissapeared, 
including peirs, verandas, small buildings and… boardwalks.
we finally got our answer when a few years ago the Chicago Tribune paid us a visit and did a little story on band camp – soon after, folks started coming out of the woodwork to share stories of visits here dating back to the 1940’s, when it was run as a ‘proper’ vacation retreat.
One old gent brought us some home movies of his summer vacation here when he was a boy,
we noticed a small glimpse of what appeared to be a boardwalk, running the length of the beach.
david found an old boyscout peir on craigslist for $400, we had it installed in an afternoon-
and I have to say… i love it so much it hurts. 
all i can think of is jennifer gray carrying a watermelon to a cabin party….
craigslist boardwalk: $400
laborer help to install: $150
a walk on the boardwalk at night: priceless.