FOUND: abandoned time capsule of a house

i stumbled on this house last weekend while on a tv shoot production…
a small town in michigan-
a late 1800s farmhouse, belonging to one family for nearly 6 generations.
its mostly boarded up, clearly abandoned. 
this place is the definition of time capsule. 
you enter in a kitchen that is buried in debris from missing windows, 
yet the 1930’s wall decor remains intact, the wallpaper peeling around it.
upstairs in the bedroom hanging on the back of the door is a 1920’s woman’s black wool dress coat.
every room is perfectly decaying.
boxes of family photo albums, wartime letters and books.
a room filled with flour sacks and tires.
a stocked medicine cabinet,
a kitchen cupboard overflowing with dishes untouched for 60+ years,
mixed in with car parts.
a journal on the floor, half filled– dated 1885.
its a farm journal, a scrapbook with the day to day dealing with running a farm.
the price paid for livestock and feed.
its stained and smelly and worn and absolute perfection.
the next room a gorgeous dresser filled to the brim with records & 
mementos telling the story of a one family dating back to 1880’s.
heartbreaking beautiful, this is the first post of a series, 
sharing the story in pictures of a family –
and house-
scheduled for “the bulldozer in a two weeks”.
..now 9 days and counting.
and while this thought breaks my heart —
I completely understand the small town mentality of ‘moving on’ from things.
I’ve reached out to the family… and wait.
fingers crossed. stay tuned.
photos courtesy of mitch gordon (the good shots, the top two are my  blackberry camera)