the most fun someone can have at their DAYJOB.

‘fly to london this weekend and go to a party’.
um…well, ok.
before i know it, we’re downtown london rowing across a pond on the rooftop of the famous Selfridges, downtown london to celebrate the UK launch of a product line we do ads for.
here is a little slideshow of the event, and one of the spots my partner & i shot for them.
Via: World Architecture News
Rooftop boating lakeBompas & Parr transform 400 sq m of prime roofspace atop Selfridges into a private emerald boating lake for a single weekend
They say anyone who has ever been to Venice dreams of its canal pathways for a long time. Perhaps that is what eccentric architects Bompas & Parr had in mind when they transformed the 400 square meter of prime rooftop space of the Selfridges department store in London into a boating oasis for a weekend of promotion.
Bompas & Parr transform 400 sq m of prime roofspace atop Selfridges into a private emerald boating lake for a single weekend Created as a promotional gimmick for the launch of “Truvia,” an artificial sweetener made from South American plant Stevia, the emerald oasis was opened for a lucky few ticket holders. The stunt, which was undoubtedly drawn from Roald Dahl’s famous story Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, proved to be a big hit with the participants.
The ticket holders were escorted to the rooftop on a private lift where they were seated on traditional wooden rowing boats that took them across the Jell-O-ish green pool. Across the pond, visitors were free to order drinks from Crystal Cafe which was cheekily named to refer to the crystalline sugar substitute’s texture. The choice of cocktails, teas, and coffees on offer were shaken by the likes of Caravan, Experimental Cocktail Club, and the Rare Tea Company.
The event marked the second time that the prestigious store opened its rooftop for members of the public. The full installation included a miniature recreation of the Iguaçu Falls waterfall that marked the birthplace of the plant, a region where the borders of Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil coincide. Countless Stevia plants and other South America-inspired props also livened up the mini theme park.
The one-off work of art highlighted the vivid imagination of the architectural geniuses who are known for their outrageously entertaining pieces.