Nuptials, summercamp style.

Last week couple arrived at their cabin to check in…. 
the boyfriend asked our friend Bill ‘what is the most beautiful part of the property?’
He pointed them towards that hilltop, where the boyscout tent cabins are grouped.
(a serene little perch overlooking the lake)
The guest thanked Bill and led his girlfriend up to that spot.
and then got down on one knee to ask her to spend the rest of her life with him.
I am so charmed by the fact that he chose this place, 
there simply are no words.
so, in the name of summer, love and camp-
 ive decided to repost a few of the weddings that Wanda has hosted. 
starting with Ed & Shirley’s ceremony, just last month.
(who are- by the way, the most adorable couple in the universe!)
all photos courtesty of: rebeccacanterbury.smugmug.com
(an adorable + talented photographer!)