amazingness… and secret squirrel!

we love meeting new folks.
this weekend, a photographer came with his family to camp wandawega to shoot a story for (a magazine that we love, but i think we hafta’ keep as a surprise until it comes out)
so… after a few days running around camp in the rain –
we quickly learned that we share a lot of common interests with our new friend matt.
including all things lodge, camp, unique and american.
so yesterday while he was out and about with the fam, 
he scouted this amazing piece at a chicago store.
(i cant tell you where it is, because i have to go buy it today before you do)
check it out:
(from what he tells me, its 1950s and the perfect patina)
he is a photographer, writer and all round fun sorta guy-
inspired by his family, traveling, writing, collecting- and life.
check out his amazingly popular and rad blog here: thewilliambrownproject.com
and more of his photography work here: matthewhranek.com

and some of our fav shots from his work.

we can’t wait to see his shots from their camp wandawega visit!
stay tuned.