four things i learned at this year’s KIDS CAMP…

1. bonfires tall enough to singe eyebrows do NOT mix with little children with s’mores sticks…. 
2. fireworks should only be set off from a very long distance from kids. 
3. when there are bats circling the night sky, children in their PJs are best kept inside.
4. never give the biggest kid the biggest bat, blind-fold him and then let him swing at a pinata. in a crowd.
5. when the national weather advisory sends out an alert to ‘stay away from trees and expect flying objects’ it might be a good time to cancel a day where you plan on entertaining 100 people. outside.
um…. did everybody remember to sign that liability waiver?
here is a series one of a few posts dedicated to this years WANDAWEGA KIDS CAMP.
our friend Mitch Gordon shot all of these lovely photos. (check back to see more of his work and a link to his photography site).