GET YOUR MOTOR RUNNIN’….. the new project well underway

Resurrection of “Cheater” Part 1: 
breathing new life to our latest project, the resurrection of Cheater, a historic B Class Street Rod. The engine was fired up today for the first time since 1961! 
my dad, who used to drag race against this doll in the 60’s would love that we’re bringing her back to life after decades stored in a barn.
top shots: the cheater mid-restoration.
next: the back of a 1950’s drag racing jacket from the old strip where she races against my dad
bottom: scenes of us pulling her from her ‘tomb’ of a barn where she sat untouched for 5 decades….
*check back for shots of bringing her back to the dragstrip (we are making a road trip to re-introduce her to the racing club of old geezers who also used to race against her back in the day. THE WHITEHALL DRAG REUNION.)