these are crazy beautiful.

 i am in love with the craftsmanship…

These Masks are made entirely hand made of recycled materials.
composed of sculpted card board and paper-mâché. with hand carved wooden teeth set into the paper mache jaw. this mask is part of a series of American wildlife but we are happy to custom construct masks of ANY variety upon request.
The making of paper-mache masks is as old a folk art craft as paper making it’s self and has been in steady practice in diverse cultures through out the world for over 300 years.

Starting around 1725, gilded paper-mâché began to appear in Europe as a low-cost alternative to similarly treated plaster or carved wood in architecture.

Carton-pierre is French for ‘stone cardboard’which is papier-mâché that has been decorated to resemble wood, stone, or metal, and is used as decoration.

Because of the nature of paper-mache the masks are light weight and comfortable to wear. secured to the head by a simple, wide elastic band.  

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