sometimes I get some really fun assignments at work.
this one was an interior design project- and we just wrapped it.
We needed to create an immersive brand experience, one that told the story of the heritage of the Steppenwolf theatre while at the same time asthetically embracing the ‘backstage’ garage theatre roots.
design a new lounge, reception, bar for Steppenwolf Garage Theatre.

for 20-somethings to have a place to hang out- chill. before shows.

‘Found Free & Flea’ style. with a teensy budget.
make it entirely mobile (so that the space can open up and be rolled away at a moments notice)

Let me tell you a story.
It’s about joy and pain.
Immorality and sex.
Betrayal and forgiveness.
Innocence and lies.
It’s a story you haven’t heard before.
It blurs the line between fact and fiction.
It erases the line between audience and stage.
Let me tell you a story.
Invite you to crawl around inside
all its fragile, uncomfortable, beautiful details.
Come closer, it’s about to begin.

stay tuned for links to the behind-the scenes videos, interviews of the space in progress on Steppenwolf.org.

the peeps that matter:
william golden– great taste, patience and resourcefulness.
lorin mcdonald- amazing project management skills, good advice and tolerance.
linsey & crystal of INDO– for bringing the script wall to fruition in such an amazing way.
allie armstrong– for the great identity, window, poster design (she rocks)
steven teichelman of threefold– the bar! the wood installation. we are in awe of you.
bob coscarelli  THE BEST INTERIORS SHOOTER IN THE UNIVERSE. for the amazing photography! (and a shout-out to matt + nicholas, too)
Donna Charlton-Perrin for her way with words.
and the folks at Steppenwolf who were kind, helpful and supportive: 
Linda, Jenny, Evan, Noel, RJ We are greatful.
OGILVY.  (more importantly, our boss) for taking on this project pro-bono, allowing all of us to work on it.  thank you.