American Dream

As we are fully emmersed in the holiday season, it makes me think of whats important.
(yes, cliche, but totally true) family. friends. babies. dogs. having a place to call home. 
So while it is 100% gratuitous, i have to put out there what i am greatful for this year:
1. friends (william golden here, charlie girl’s god daddy) holding charlieface.
2. frankie. the worlds greatest dog, rescued from a high kill shelter in alabama(on the pier, where he sat for a looong time, which is unusual for him)
3. kids (our one specifically) 
4. very tolerant spouses.
Sandro shot these for the current American Family Insurance campaign–
and all of these shots are up at union station right now.
so while its sorta weird seeing your family that big, 
it’s also a huge, unavoidable reminder that we are all very lucky this holiday season to have what matters most. 
health. happiness. and two weeks paid vacation.