a summercamp wedding- well done!

not sure what i love more… a bridesmaid swigging straight from the bottle, or hauling the whole mess of em’ in the back of an elcamino. amazing.

equal love for the bad-ass author of the blog theloveliestday (nobody else could rock pistol tattoos on the collarbone along with a strapless wedding gown.) *first photo- ‘melissa’*

a qoute from the bride:

“Chill out and don’t do leave anything to be done the day before. If you’re getting married on Saturday then, Thursday is the last day that you should do anything wedding-wise. I did not do this and that’s my one regret. I felt like I was in a dead sprint until the very end. Friday, should be for taking it all in and spending the extra time with friends and family. If you still have stuff to do then, you’ll be like me, a distracted mess! Slow it down and enjoy. Oh yea, and make sure to grab some dessert before it gets devoured! That way, when you’re looking back at pictures, you’re not salivating and imagining just how good those s’mores cupcakes must have tasted! It doesn’t matter how many you order, people go crazy with bite sized desserts.”

Photographer: Boro Creative Visions
i found these amazing photos on the blog: THELOVELIESTDAY.COM