a new camp fan: some love from GEAR PATROL

Part childhood camp, part adult retreat, all neo-luddite, Camp Wandawega proves relaxation doesn’t have to involve iPads and DVRs. In lieu of technology, Wandawega’s camp counselors — oh yes, there are counselors — are happy to point you to activities like lake fishing, archery, various court sports, or one of the many other non-internet-connected activities across Wandawega’s sprawling 25 acre property. If you’re still feeling restless from not checking Gmail, you can always grab an old Schwinn and ride it up the street to pick up provisions at the gourmet grocer, tuck into a book (your Kindle, if you must), or shoot pool on an antique billiards table. If you prefer the water, you’re welcome to take a rowboat out, cast a line into one of Wisconsin’s cleaest lakes, take a turn on the uncomfortably long rope swing, or just while away the afternoon on a battered old pier thinking about how far the office seems.
For accommodations, Camp Wandawega, which is located 90 miles from Chicago in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, offers guest rooms, cabins and even a boy scout canvas-tent campsite. Our recommendation though is Tom’s Treehouse. For $200 a night, the three-level treehouse is stocked with vintage books and games, Pendleton blankets, and even a deer antler chandelier. And like any good treehouse, it also offers a towering view of the surroundings and loads of nostalgia. But don’t worry city slickers, Camp Wandawega does boast one luxury. Hot water.
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