LOVE. this. blog….

and a sweet post! (pun intended)
our friend karen rocks it with the best travel blog ever. she did this post on our camp syrup this past holiday- so nice! (here she is with her husband the amazing photographer bob coscarelli)

in her words:
“Australian [Melbourian to be exact], living in Chicago with her Michigan born super star photographer husband. When at her day-job she is organizing, conceptualizing and redesigning business processes. At home, she loves grey interiors mixed with green, and likes to be surrounded by treasures new & old collected on adventures close and travels afar. She loves: eating scrumptious food; taking photos of everything she eats; hanging out over wine and home cooked meals with friends; cooking new dishes; celebrating life by the gulp; and speaking of which she loves drinking cocktails; and spending time with her wonderful family; researching and organizing travel adventures; and constantly redesigning or rearranging their home. Oh and she really loves to write & share her adventures through this blog.”