Dee Duncan: Camp Illustrator

Hipster meets vintage meets camp by Dee Duncan.  Raised in Kansas, based in Chicago, Dee rides a fixie, works on cars, runs marathons and creates some of the wittiest art ever!  I worked with Dee for a couple of years and he was always, ALWAYS coming up with another art project.  I’m also lucky enough to have been the recipient of a few pieces that live in my living room.  He doesn’t focus solely on camp, but when he does, it’s fab.  Thanks Dee for being a great inspiration and for always making things interesting.

Dee created and this photo of himself and his pets Bruno and Humphrey and sent it out as a Christmas card in 2011.  Deliciously creepy!
Simple illustration of a boy in the woods.
Now don’t quote me on this, but I believe this could be a self portrait!
Another portrait of Dee and his best buds, Humphrey and Bruno.
Are those climbing cleats?