NEW CAMP FRIEND: Megan Bassett

a couple of weekends ago – at our annual TALKA party- 
we were sitting in the camp messhall (kitchen) having some beers.
the door flys open and this vivcious blonde bounces and and proclaims ‘i am meghan and i want to be friends with all of you!’.
we loved here instantly.
turns out, meghan works for subaru, and was on a cross-country promotional campaign that sends her packing, bicycling, trekking everywhere, including in this case- Milwaukee.
she said that her 80 year old grandmother had found this blog, sent it to her- and so when i came time to make the Wisconsin leg of her journey, she booked a cabin with us.
she modeled for our camp store.
she helped brand boyscout axes.
she provided endless amusement.
thanks for dropping in, megan! 
you are our kinda campgirl.
here are some shots from her modeling stint with her current company:
and one of her in the lodge: (even frankie loves her. enough said.)