Relique est tres bon!

Check out Relique!

It’s a tad pricey, but you can find some deals, as I did on Fab.com. Read about them below and check out some of their very cool finds.

At Relique, we bring you vintage and repurposed interior accents that are unique, interesting, classic, artistic and have personality. We shop all over the world for pieces that speak to us, pieces that we would put in our own homes.


Much of our inspiration comes from the appreciation of Industrial Age design and maintaining that aesthetic for future generations. Relique represents a cross-section of then and now. Salvaged architectural elements and factory cast-offs as well as designs from artisans who have taken these elements and given them a new purpose. Our interiors have history, texture and soul.


Many of our Relique finds are one-of-a-kind treasures that have become art objects – rescued from a building scheduled for demolition or found in the dark corners of an estate sale. Otherwise forgotten or ignored pieces of our history now have new life as display pieces and bring with them a greater appreciation of the past to our generation.

Vintage 1940’s Waterbury Alarm Clock U.S. Time Corporation

Set of Three Vintage Old Pal Metal Crescent Bait Boxes

Vintage gumball machine from the days when gum cost one penny.

Antique Industrial Pulley
One could make a really great chandelier out of this baby.  99 bucks?  Why not?
I find this antique bonnet & stand just plain creepy, yet…I can’t look away!
Antique NOS F. C. Castelli No. 101 Childs Red Metal Rocking Chair

VERY cool French 1920’s Cartier Leather Cosmetic/Makeup Case

on sale! $2,199.00

Antique Children’s Horse Riding Toy in Painted Wood and Metal

Donnez-moi plus de Relique, si vous plait!!!