Make Effect

We host Art Camp each summer at Wandawega (in collaboration with Angela of Post 27). A weekend of relaxation, collaboration, production and meeting new friends.

Up in Northern Michigan, a similar event happens in June. Make Effect is a 3-day long art and design retreat held at Camp Tosebo in Manistee, Michigan. Here’s what it’s all about, in their own words…

What if you could work under the trees rather than florescent lights? Come escape to Camp Make Effect for learning, relaxation, creativity and camaraderie. By day get messy making and trying out new processes and by night get silly around the campfire. The lines need not be straight, and the ink will look better blotchy as you discover new ways to face design challenges. 

Make Effect is a unique three and a half day workshop where professionals from all creative disciplines come together to work collaboratively to create new work and ideas. Participants are challenged to explore their individual creativity and critical-thinking skills while exploring a range of techniques and media. 

Through play and discovery we will find the magically unexpected. Many hands-on processes will be explored and experimented with: silkscreen, letterpress, gelatin prints, relief printing, lettering, book binding, paste paper, cyanotypes, transfers, stenciling, etc. We will re-examine typography, design, and form making as kinds of drawing, image, photography, sculpture, and installation. We will investigate what it means to investigate, to experiment, to try things whose outcomes are uncertain. 

Traditional camp activities such as: capture the flag, canoe decorating, sand castles, erecting a native American Teepee, star gazing, swimming, boating, hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing, ghost stories around the campfire and the awarding of badges will all be part of the fun. 

Evenings we will gather for dinner and discussion while poking at the campfire or flying kites on the shore of Lake Michigan.

You can learn more about this intimate and immersive Michigan retreat on their website or Facebook page (and can check out Camp Tosebo on their site).

[all images are from Make Effect Camp’s group pool on Flickr]