Wedding invitations: Lindsay & Bobby

When I was up at Camp Wandawega about a month ago, I saw this invitation pinned-up behind the kitchen sink. I grabbed it and brought it home to photograph for the blog.

I love the sort of Boy-Scout-meets-government-issue feel of the design work done by the bride, Lindsay. I decided to shoot the invite with a screened window dappling light on it (I’m trying to get better at styling and lighting). I thought it gave it a slightly cabin-y, Fall feel. I asked Lindsay if she had anything to say about designing this “guidebook” for her August 25th wedding at Wandawega… 

I did the design myself (a mish mash of various inspirations), had them printed by Aper & Pink, and assembled in my very own wedding sweatshop (aka my kitchen). Design, print, glue, stitch, assemble, stamp, address… phew! Gluing those end-sheets was comical…The best thing I ever did was order a bunch of extras for my learning curve.

We wanted to do a book since the nature of our wedding required a lot more information than typical (4 days, 4 meals, destination location, etc etc). I worked at a bindery back in the day, so I was happy to have an excuse to pull out some of those skills; I used a simple 3 hole pamphlet stitch.

I purchased the stamps even before we were officially engaged (but already knowing we would, hands down, get hitched at Wandawega). That was a splurge but totally made it, in my mind. Championstamp.com is AMAZING. I didn’t realize I would have to lick EACH AND EVERY ONE (wetting with a sponge = fail) but again, worth it.

This was easily the wedding related project that took the most time, but I am so so happy with how it turned out 🙂

Design: Lindsay Cummings (bride)
Printing: Aper + Pink
Vintage postage stamps: Champion Stamp Co.
Image credit: Hillary Schuster 
(you can see more shots over on Flickr)