a good day. at the day job.

sometimes we get to do meaningful things at the day job.
last week was one of them.
@ Ogilvy, we were given the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of women and children, and families in Africa–
by way of designing a support campaign of film, digital, and a gala in NY for the James R Jordan Foundation
All to fund a program called Diamonds For Africa… a movement to collect donated gems to finance the building of a hospital, roads ahd programs¬† in Africa.
(all through the Kenya women and children’s wellness centre)
the MISSION video is beautiful.
My part was small- design the space for the event, and part of a larger effort.
Jada Pinkett Smith donated.
Michael Jordan donated.
Marilyn Albright donated.
sometimes my day job is more rewarding than the paycheck.
and last friday was one of those days.
visit DIAMONDS FOR AFRICA PROJECT to learn more, and maybe even donate that ugly diamond your ex gave you in college that has only see then bottom of your jewelry drawer in teh past decade anyway.