Say hello again to Michael Kiser of Good Beer Hunting, the definition of renaissance man.

We have never met a more prolific, talented dude.

He and his lovely and equally talented wife Hillary are friends of Wandawega and guest bloggers.

We can’t possibly describe all of the things he does and makes…so in his own words:

I’ve always been a storyteller, whether with words or images, so when I started obsessing over craft beer some years back, telling the larger story of the people and places behind it seemed like the natural thing to do. I grew up working in restaurants and factories, studied fine arts and poetry at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and currently work as a design and innovation consultant. And somehow all this blends into a love for craft beer — its aesthetics, culture and rustic passions.

Originally from Pennsylvania, I’m one of the lucky ones that always had a craft alternative in Yuengling Lager — or as we call it back home: lager. ​Since moving to Chicago almost 10 years ago, I’ve been fortunate to see the nation’s craft beer movement explode first-hand. Few cities in the country have the range in beer styles, rich brewing history and sheer determination to work hard and build an industry like Chicago does. And I get to document this radical transition and help export its culture around the world.

I’ve been all over the US, to craft-centric places like Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and Boulder. I’ve been back east to Philadelphia, Central Pennsylvania and New York​. And I’ve been all over the Midwest, up into Wisconsin and Minnesota, west into Illinois proper, and I’ve worn a path to Michigan and back more times than I can count. But I’ve also been overseas in search of great beer experiences, most recently Portgual, South Korea and Sweden where a completely different set of circumstance and influences create unique craft beer cultures we’d barely recognize, but have certainly inspired.

I’m also a writer and design strategist in Chicago. I work at gravitytank.
On farthest south I share my photography and verse.
On American Hypertext I share regional insights, literature and spirit that I encounter in my travel and readings.
On alt gestalt I write about design thinking and associative cultural phenomena.
On Dissmag, I team up with designer and artist, Kyle Fletcher to create Disassociation Magazine, an experiment in collaborative content and the mystery of artistic influence.
On Real Men Swear, my friend Craighton Berman and I make fun of over-the-top menswear blogs that we secretly love.
On Why Old Dogs are the Best Dogs I collect photos of dogs with old souls and equally as old owners.
My Instagr.am journeys get posted here and here
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You can say hi this way: mkiser.ia@gmail.com, but really you should just follow me on here and here,”

Here are a few of the amazing shots that can be found on his tumblr farthest south