a big bearded dude came out of the bushes…

I don’t know why I was surprised. It was deer season after all.

He had a mouth full of chew, waders on, full camo…and this gorgeous little glimmering fish hook on his mud-covered hat.

He claims that you could use it in a pinch for a fish hook, but he doesn’t recommend it. He sent me to the local farm and fleet and I bought all they had.
money clip
tie clip
hat clip
bookmark (as used on our recent yearbook mailing)
I sent a copy of the yearbook to our friends at 10engines, who posted about the hook…then VALET picked it up–so I have to give props back to the hunter who has spurred a fashion trend.
We sell them at markets (bottom pic), but you can buy your own at most fishing stores or online at the Bass Pro sShop (or, catch up with our friend Max of Buckshot Sonny’s–he found an amazing new-old stock stash of them).