Our friend Garrett

We are not gay men but we can totally appreciate this site.
some of the most beautiful photography. ever.

our friend Garrett Cornelius sent us a great email entitled
‘does the saying go, ‘any press is good press?’- and send us this link: ‘BEAR MOUNTAINS’.

all i could find about the author was his reply to an anonymous reader:


“Anonymous asked: Since my lack of perseverance and tumblring all the way down to see if you are male or female, I still have to say that I find bears attractive. I’m a female and thus there is the problem of all of this, (correct me if I’m wrong) bears are normally gay. Not talking about the animals in this proposition of course. Every time I find a heterosexual bearded tough guy with some chest hair they show no interest. Do I keep searching or do you maybe have any tips ;’) And thank you for the lovely blog!”

“I’m not the right person to answer anything about that. I’m male and I like bearded men, but I’m not into the so called “Bear world’ at all. The tumblr-name’s taken from a Bob Dylan-song actually, so it’s just a coincidence really. Thank you, dear!”
here is Garrett, shot by Paul Octavious:
and, here are some selects from the Bear Mountains tumblr.
(ya’ll can see how Garrett fit right in)