An Inspired Christmas- part III

third up in the family’s holiday dessert table:
Amaretti cookies.
i found a great excerpt from this great story about them on the blog underthetuscansun:

In the early 18th Century, the Cardinal of Milan made an unexpected visit to the town of Saronno Italy.  Two young lovers, residents of the town wanted to prepare a sweet to welcome him.  Improvising with what they had in the larder, egg whites, sugar and apricot kernels they made cookies then wrapped them in crepe paper and offered them to him. He was so overjoyed with the delicious invention Amaretti, which in Italian means a little bitter, the Cardinal gave them a blessing for a long and prosperous marriage.  300 years later the cookies are still produced by the descendents of the same family. The recipe is kept a closely guarded secret.  Romantically nestled in crisp pastel paper are two cookies symbolizing the young lovers and their legacy.”
the paolo lazzaroni e figli website shares all of the amazing history behind the brand-
i love love love their logo- unchanged in the last century: