Wandawega on State streeeeet

its official!
Frankie is a supermodel.
or at least sitting in the lap of a supermodel (Nikki Taylor).
The Sears store on state street just launched a 100 foot glass facade of the Camp Wandawega / Land’s End brand shoot….
Since it’s the ‘WE LOVE WINTER’ brand theme, its sure to come down any day.
if you’re driving down state, wave at Frankface.

(nikki taylor and her daughter in the treehouse)
(a teepee made of mens shirting fabric built on our beach)
(gigantic balls of cashmere yarn on the boat dock)
some outtakes from the shoot:
a christmas tree on the floating pier…
a snow machine in july to convert wanda to a winter wonderland…
frankie wearing a sample from the new dog sweater line..
goats where brought in to romp thru faux snow
a tree was erected on the hilltop to decorate (love that blanket as skirt idea)
the treehouse was decked out for the holidays
thanks bill, for the great job building our log wall!
you can see the grip in the backseat holding the goat down from eating off this model’s face.
charlie loved these gigantic yarn balls they made to roll on onto the dock
frankface sandwiched between models on the FIVE LEVE BUNK BED they assembled on the camp hill
a bovine homecoming. (charlie fell in love with this cow) we didn’t let her walk into the cabin, given that shes a 1000 ┬ápounds and are floors are ancient.
these four models really are a family. flown in from NYC. adorable and sweet. folks.
and good sports to wear all that winter gear in 90 degrees.
nikki & her sweeeet little mini-me.
on the sunporch.