thrifting for useful items

I love going thrifting and rummaging through antique stores to find one of a kind items. But these places are also good for finding items that can be used in your everyday life. It’s not only, usually designed better, but it is also green, because you are using things that have been made and forgotten.
I went on a journey this past weekend to collect some special finds that could be used around Camp Wandawega and this is what I found.

We found these really great vintage billiard chalk cubes that are in great shape and are perfect for use with the pool table that we have up at Wandawega. Also, can’t go wrong with that beautiful graphic design work!
This chalk might be cracked, but it sure is beautiful still and perfect for using on any of our chalk boards around camp. 
These great vintage flower images came out of an old book and were only a dollar. They are perfect for hanging as art either in a small area or hang a bunch of them to create a larger piece of art.
Finally, why not pick up some vintage instructional and informational books to use as coffee table books, or bathroom reading? They are graphically pleasing, sometimes funny and always interesting!