David gets mad when I call it an “airstream”

Because it’s really a “canned ham” style trailer, not an Airstream, but who cares?
Shes still cute. and saying “1957 Friendship brand canned-ham-style travel trailer’
is a helluvalot more work that just saying “airstream.”
Y’all might remember the camper trailer we picked up last fall?
David found it on craigslist, originally listed for $1100, but when he arrived with cash took it home for $900.
Here is the original post with BEFORES.
And here is the (almost) AFTER!
* repainted the frame
* refinished the wheels
* buffed her out like a shiny penny
* custom curtains (from 1950s hunting dog themed barkcloth from ebay)
* replaced all the vintage teardrop lighting
* decked out her bumper in a collection of vintage tourist stickers
* ordered a custom made striped awning (coming in a month)
* ripped out the sink, lower fridge and faucet & rebuilt the countertop and shelving
* replaced the backsplash
* replaced the north side woodveneer wall and restained.
* repainted the aluminum trim around the door frame, step, light trim & bumper
* found (finally!) a 1950s green/yellow/brown camp blanket to match the curtains (on ebay)
* vintage 50s olive green ‘trailer package’ dinner set (commonly used in these back in the day)- easy
* charcoal gray custom cut area matt/ rug (to accent the retro gray tiles)
* mini library of wisconsin stuff: no hunting sigage. high life coasters. wild game books. pheasant serving trays.
TOTAL NUT: $2400.
(after we gutted it of lots of randomness from bad curtains to plastic hardware…
It features a full sized bed on south end
the table on north end folds into a full sized bed
it has a closet! with vintage wooden hangers!
(and a 1950s first aid kit mounted on the inside wall)
it’s tiny.
Reeaaaally tiny. like 12ft long. not kidding.
HISTORY: a hunter in northern wisconsin bought her, and used her faithfully for hunting trips for decades. It was also hauled to hotrod shows to sell t-shirts out of. then us. we don’t remember your name mister, but thanks for taking such grand care of this little beauty. we promise to keep her tarped in the winter & shiny in the summer.
WHAT’S NEXT: letter the door with “CAMP WANDAWEGA OFFICE” in a black script. Deck her out in the custom awning that is being made for her right now. Find some of those vintage aluminum 50s folding woven seat chairs…? Oh wait! just found em’ on ebay: ($75). um will wait for a yardsale to score some (but they are sorta perfect).

(this is the fabric that we found to make the awning – it is a reproduction of the vintage stripe that we found under a chair from the three bedroom cabin.  it was once used to make awnings on the cabins at wandawega. so we were totally geeked out to find someone that still made it!) Here is a shot of the ‘scallop edge’ detail the awning will have.