thoughtful design + gifts

Happy Friday!
I was looking for a good gift the other day and came across some fun idea’s that I wanted to share with you.
No matter if you need a gift for wedding guests, mothers day, birthdays, holidays or thank you’s, it can be hard to know exactly what to get for someone and to stay within a budget.
These are thoughtful little treasures that anyone can put together.

Quick bread in a bottle: Beautiful and yummy.
Potted succulents: We have seen this a lot but what makes it unique and special are all the different vessel idea’s out there. I love this one. Take an old vintage tin and coffee cans and bring it back to life with a little succulent garden.
Local Honey: Nothing is tastier then local honey. It is a gift that keeps on giving until the last drop.
local coffee: There are artisan coffee roasters popping up everywhere and boy is their coffee delicious. Wrap some up in a well designed package and you have an excellent and perky gift.