The squad cars arrived. And then the fire trucks.

No joke. When the amazing Rohan Anderson of WHOLE LARDER LOVE came to camp to cook up a storm, our stove vent failed us. Big time.

It was amazing. and somewhat surreal.

Here is an an excerpt from his post on the weekend:

“We loaded up the wagon and headed to Wisconsin to eat cheese curds, cook Wisconsin steak and stay at the phenomenal Camp Wandawega. I was a tad drained by all the Kentucky fun, the travelling and the late nights talkin’ world savin’ stuff so I dozed off to the sounds of American hip hop. The beat of gritty hip hop, I’m sure was replaced by the dulcet tones of my dull roaring snore. I woke as we pulled into a grocery store/mega supermarket to stock up on wine, as Castro had loaded up the wagon with mostly beer, of which I don’t drink much of. We made one final stop to grab squeaky Wisconsin cheese curds and some of the largest steak I’ve ever seen. Pulling into Camp Wandawega was like entering a movie set. It was Americana perfectly preserved thanks to the passion of David and Tereasa. The place just oozed authenticity, mostly from Tereasa’s hard work foraging yard sales and thrift stores for peices of history that now fill the rooms of Wandawega.”

check out his whole post