He built us an old-school lifeguard tower.

We’ve wanted one of these forever. 
My brother-in-law is a carpenter, so he built this for us this week.
The lumber was sourced from my brother’s house.
4×4 redwood beams once used to turn a barn into a house. 
This is a 8-foot, 250 pound chair.
2 heavy coats of enamel later,
We outfitted it with a hand painted vintage sign, 
Lifesaving ‘rope bag’ (meant to throw to rescue)
and a lifering.
Designed in the traditional lifeguard tower style- it’s built to last.
Shots of my nephew alan (16) building this in their woodshop in Beardstown, Illinois
15 hours.  they built it ‘from site’ — basically eyeballing the photo- then starting with height of the chair, and built it out from there.

Some of the things that inspired our lifeguard chair where our aluminum white row boats, vintage lifeguard illustration, and BSA  gear.