Kids Camp 2013 top 10.

Every year for 9 years running, we’ve hosted friends and their kids for KIDS CAMP. 

The only good reason to buy a crazy run down camp is to share it with friends.

1. 80-foot slip n slide (thanks Bill, Joe & Ben)
2. Firetruck with ear blasting speakers.
3. Fireworks so big that the police came (not kidding)   
4. Heritage bikes bringing the coffee & breakfast coffee keg. (thanks, guys)
5. ParaNorman in the outdoor theater under the stars
6. Campfire songs on the beach (thanks Joey & Laurie)
7. 25 XXL pizzas (thanks Pete & Nicole!)
8. Smores, bonfire lit with a blow torch, weiners on a stick…
9. Field sports! 
10. The best part was Charlie having playmates come over. 
Thanks to everyone who joined in the worlds biggest play date this weekend.
It wouldn’t be kids camp without some grown ups acting like kids!

Some photography of the weekend from the talented mr. Mitch Gordon:

this one breaks my heart. it’s mitch & sharon’s daughter, 5 years ago. and last weekend.

 And….  couple from the amazing Chris Strong:

and a few from david’s iphone: