This 130 year old family company hand made this for us…

In the 1880s John Gallager was a shoemaker. When that industry became more automated, he couldn’t afford to upgrade to the new systems. and it put him out of business. But he knew how to sew canvas, so when a friend asked him if he could make him an awning, so began his new trade.

Fast-forward 130 years. Gallagher Tent and Awning is still serving the midwest through their home base in  Madison, Wisconsin. Making it one of Wisconsin’s longest family held companies, running into its fourth generation of ownership. And they are still good at what they do (just awarded the Industrial Fabric Association International’s first place.)
check out this interview with the owner. 
They make the awnings for the Walworth County Fair and flea market- gorgeous, vintage, hand-sewn canvas candy striped tents with perfect little scalloped edges with white trim, and hand-stenciled logos… So when I finally got in touch with the great grandson, I was thrilled to hear that they had a vintage tent in stock and would hook me up with one.  She now sits in our field. 3 hours and 2 guys to install!

our tent: