Some vacation inspiration to take back to the cabins….

 There’s nothing like a holiday that inspires you to look at things a little differently- the southern coastal islands are dotted with seaside fishing cottages, cedar-shingled boat houses & a rich layered history of generations of oyster factories.
(So don’t be surprised if you see a bit more navy gingham, roped handrails, taxidermy fish and white wainscoting at camp next time you’re up for a visit)!
 Charlie perched on a dock fish cleaning station. (We want one of these)
A local (and our busboy) at one of the oldest family companies in the area ‘Hudsons’.
Hudson’s kayak racks were impressive to say the least. (Time for us to get a couple, I think).
Navy + white gingham tablescloths for all. A classic. Time to go shopping.
A wall scene from Hudsons’ earlier days of working the sea. & the ‘pilot’s house’ bar. simply. rustic.