David in the Huffington Post.

(Headless…but dishing out some sage advice on masculine decor). SIDE NOTE: we found this record player abandoned in an attic. score! From the story:

“A character-filled, but masculine home isn’t always easy to accomplish, considering the seas of frills and florals that dominate most retail stores.This is largely why we created TRNK — an online resource for men who seek inspired homes. To start out, we’ve provided a short list of tips to help “beef up” your space without necessarily reverting to beer signs or bearskin rugs.”

We loved this vintage record cabinet in Tereasa Surratt & David Hernandez’ Chicago home. It is a functional, and beautiful piece that feels right at home alongside a contemporary settee.


We know that vintage products will add character to any space. However, they also contribute to another trait that men generally value in their homes, which is comfort.Adding elements that are a little more weathered and worn naturally make a home feel more inviting. While your grandfather’s old cigar chair may be an artifact in its own right, it can make your space feel more like a home, rather than a museum.

Find things that have proven their durability through the test of time – that way, you can enjoy their function, instead of becoming preoccupied with their eventual depreciation.


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