R.I.P. A very special visitor. Warning: tear-jerker.

I have to warn you : it might make you cry. (I haven’t stopped since I got it. And I’m still at the office, sniveling like a baby.) We got this email from a guest who booked a cabin this past fall – and it made me sad, but also grateful. It’s also possible that I’m just hormonal because of the holidays, but its really inspiring – and I had to share. The email we received follows:

—–Original Message—–

Dear Tereasa,

We were fortunate to get to spend a delightful fall weekend at Camp Wandawega in late October.  The entire experience was absolutely fabulous….the weather, Wandawega itself, and the hospitality.  We were thrilled to be able to bring our two dogs, Banjo and Daisy, as well.
You may recall that Banjo had three legs because one of his front legs was amputated due to bone cancer about 7 months prior to our visit.  He was nothing if not a social dog, and a lover of food (human food in particular.)  So the opportunity to visit with our fellow campers who spent the better part of the weekend gathered around the grill was a treat for him.  The trek up the slight hill to the picnic area was an arduous one for him, but he made it often that weekend.
Best of all were the woods.  Defying any expectations we had and the limitations of his aging body, he and Daisy ran through the woods along the paths with pure joy and an energy we had not seen in a year or more.  It was inexplicable, and for lack of a more accurate word, absolutely magical.  It brought happy tears to my eyes.
Last month we learned that his bone cancer had spread and was eating away at his ribs and hips.  It was obvious he was in great pain, so we made the difficult decision to put him to sleep.  While the loss of my boy is absolutely devastating (I always considered him my “once in a lifetime dog and still do”) I draw great comfort remembering the time we spent with him at Camp Wandawega.
Thank you for sharing your special place with us.  We hope to return again next year.
All my best, Christy
HERE ARE SOME OF THE PHOTOS OF BANJO that she shared. The last one is my favorite, it’s Frankie running alongside Banjo, who is keeping up just fine!
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