THE WORLD IS BEAUTIFUL. We can’t believe what this guest made for us…


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We somehow tend to attract the creative set.  Artists, musicians, cooks and makers of all sorts.

So when a group of art school kids recently came to pay us a visit at camp, they fit in like family. And that’s how we met our new young friend Richard. On that particular late fall weekend, we were shooting a feature story for SweetPaul magazine, and Richard jumped in right away to assist. Without being asked, he was a key grip, prop-hauling, behind-the-scene shooting all-round helpful guy. (picture a nearly 7foot tall dude strapped with cameras and a perpetual smile on his face)

The entire weekend, he romped around camp with his group of friends, documenting it all. A few days later, we got an email with a link from him: ‘had a great time! and look what I made with the footage I got”.

He took snippets of his creative friends at work at their crafts: cooks, artists, designers… all travelers and makers. And intercutt with their escape to Camp Wandawega.

It turns out that Richard is a photographer-film maker-editor all in one.  In the entertainment world, he’s be labeled  ‘a triple threat’– given that he does it all. (and might I add- quickly.) What’s most surprising is that he is barely old enough to legally drink whiskey, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at his work. He just loves what he does. He stays up nights making things because he is inspired by everything around him, all of the time. He’s a maker in the truest sense, and an ego-less, sweet guy to boot. (thats sometimes a rare combo in the ad world)

(thank you, Richard! can’t wait to have you come back to camp soon.)

graphics designed by: Danielle Williams daniellewilldesign.com
music track:  “March” by Lights and Motion
RICHARD SMITH III A current student at the Columbus College of Art & Design, I found my love of filmmaking when a friend put a camera in my hand and told me to document everything we did. It started with a curiosity to make a video. It became a passion to eat, live, and be better. Everyday. That’s why I make films, to document and tell stories, and to connect them with people wherever they are watching. I love to see new places and am willing to travel. check out his blog, its gorgeous.
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