The little “canned-ham” that could. The story of our trailer resurrection just hit the newsstands.

For us, when it comes to tackling a rehab project– it’s not about the brand name, or how much you have to spend: It’s about saving a little piece of history.

We always wanted an Airstream Bambi travel trailer. But the sad reality is that they are hard to come by, and even in very rough condition, go for 10k +. But folks don’t realize that you can find a sea of knock off brands from the 50’s… for a song. David found this little doll for around a grand. An old hunter in upstate Wisconsin had purchased it in the 50’s and used it faithfully for decades as his hunting residence during deer season. She was a little beat up when we hauled her in. We had to replace some of the wood veneer walls, and the whole kitchen area, and put 40 + hours into polishing her skin… but she did come back to life for us. Proof positive that noting is too far gone if you believe in elbow grease and don’t mind cleaning out critters.

We had so much fun on this shoot for Flea Market Style magazine– I always love working with the amazing Coscarelli– so this recent assignment I got from the magazine was to create a weekend excursion story. Producing & styling this shoot was a special challenge (it was 98 degrees in the shade) literally. We roasted like spring chickens inside that trailer. (These things weren’t built with air conditioning in the 50’s.)

Pick up a copy of the current issue of Flea Market Style magazine at most big bookstores to check out this story & to see the feature story on our tipi, in the same issue. Some spreads from the story & outtakes:

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