Vavoom pinup for a day!

The studio confirmed that I was the only girl who’d ever shown up toting a dead animal in one hand and a hatchet in the other.

We’ve always been a fan of the Traditional Vargas girls prints- and hoard pinup calendars & postcards at every god-forsaken flea market we go to. I love tucking them into guest room books, men’s rooms doors & basically any naked square of wall space around. So when our friend Heather (the mastermind behind Vavoom Pinups) asked me to come in for a guest shoot – it didn’t take a lot of arm-twisting.

We all know and love Heather’s gorgeous work — transforming the girl next door to Betty Page sex kitten status. (but when she called, I was a secretly hoping that she’d be open for an entirely different type of shoot, one that did not involve the traditional scandalous getups)

The only thing I love more than Pinup girls are the way Norman Rockwell portrayed the human condition. I shared with her my fantasy of a shot that would speak to the reality of our often failed attempts at running a dirty old campground. A shot of a groundskeeper trying desperately to wear the hat of a plumber, trash lady, first aid medic, sports equipment repairing &  girl scout troop leader. (but with great 40’s hair- which I’ve never managed to accomplish in my 41 years)

The shot in my mind would be a  bit haggard, speaking to the unpolished reality of doing what you love, even if it kills you. 

Heather managed to capture it all: My failed attempts at recreating Martha’s perfect smores, highlighted with spilled beer, crows feet, a wrinkled old troop leader smock, dented canteens, dirty props… — it’s everything I’d hoped it would be. .

THANK YOU Heather, Mary, Lea & the whole Vavoom crew for making my (anti) pin up dreams a reality!  Stay tuned for details about a special “pinups at Camp” event coming this summer. (with really pretty girls wearing equally pretty swimsuits). Proper pinup style with all the trimmings.


Soooo…. what’s this “Tales from the Innkeeper” stuff mentioned here? It’s a column featuring a favorite travel site: FATHOM. -It’s where Inn keepers across the globe tell their stories of woe from their Inns, boutique hotels and – in our case, a campground. I’ve been contributing tales to them for a while now- here is one of my favorites (featuring a shot of Heather & the house raccoon mascot during her Camp W wedding)


with smoke