Today’s Huff Post: Charlie + Frankie.

There are no two things closer to our hearts than Charlie & her best friend Frankie.

Someone just sent me this link and it caught me so much by surprise I welled up… Because our baby girl is getting so big, because we are so damned lucky to have the world’s best friend and guard dog in one… We rescued Frankie just a month before we found out we were pregnant with Charlie- we are blessed, blessed, blessed.

In today’s Huffington Post is about Theron Humphrey’s amazing journey across the US, choosing a rescued dog and story in each state to feature. Here is his whole feature on Frankie.

 EXCERPT: “[Frankie had] been in his foster home for six months spending 20 hours a day in a cage… No one else even wanted to meet him, which kind of broke our hearts. When we walked in the door and sat down in this couple’s house, he walked across the room to us and laid his head in my lap. — David and Tereasa, Wisconsin

READ the Huff Post story here:

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