Airing dirty laundry in a fun interview…

…with a recent fun little piece for the ‘What’s in your suitcase?’ series with Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

I’ve been writing for them recently- reviewing the Lincoln Hotel.

They’ve started a new column on their blog, talking to folks about their crazy personal travel styles.

my two favorites of the collection are from Andrew Goetz of Malin and Goetz 

& and my hero Clair Mazur of OF A KIND  (showcasing our camp loves Hillside & Forage)

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Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 5.27.37 PM


And a few of my favorite new finds from the Mr. & Mrs. Smith collection:

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the interview:

Tereasa Surratt, Creative Director; co-owner Camp Wandawega
Based in Chicago

Last trip A driving tour from Amsterdam to Lille, France. En route, we literally stumbled into World Champion BBQ chef Peter De Clercq’s rural restaurant Elckerlijc in Belgium.

Next trip Morocco. I’ve been dreaming of the markets since birth and I’m dying to stay at Dar Ziryad in Fez.

First thing you do when you check into a hotel In typical OCD fashion, I unpack and line up all my shoes in a row, then grab the local guides (if it’s a new destination) and I’m out the door while it’s still light.

You never leave home without… My travel journal, which has its own dedicated blog post.

You always return home with… An antique travel trunk crammed to the gills with vintage finds from whatever god-forsaken flea market I’ve discovered.

Best souvenir It’s a tie between a 1950s Ford carved from a single piece of teak (unearthed at the San Telmo flea market in Buenos Aires) and a collection of century-old antler mounts from the Naschmarkt in Vienna.

Quintessential Chicago Visit Twin Anchors for ribs so perfect they will make you cry. Go for a motorcyle ride on a near-traffic-less LSD (that’s Lake Shore Drive for you out-of-towners) on a late summer night. Order a Negroni slushie at Parson’s Chicken & Fish.

Favourite destination Ireland. The stone cottages, the backroads with their hedgerows that beg you to blissfully get lost, the locals to belly up next to at the bar, the endless beauty from the cliffs to the fishing villages, the stubborn sheep in the road… Driving the coastline from Shannon toDublin. I’d do it again tomorrow.

Worst travel experience Losing my luggage in Hong Kong. I’m still in therapy.

Favourite hotel The inspiringly, painfully beautiful Château de Massillanin Uchaux, France. You leave with the itch to go find a gorgeous piece of architecture and restore it.