how the &%$# did this end up in ELLE DECOR?

We were just sent a really nice surprise, and are still in several layers of disbelief about it’s contents…

We never would have imagined in a bazillion years that buying a decaying old summer camp (& fixing it up with duct tape and a prayer)  would lead to it finding its way into pages of Elle. (the one magazine that I pretty much consider the holy grail of interior design). Even more unusual, it’s the South African version.

All we have to say is hats off thrift stores and Craigslist.

And in this case, BEHOMM. ‘Cause the story isn’t even about us. We just played a little part in a pretty inspiring brain child of two Spanish designers.

So our little craigslist tipi with its Ikea futon & flea market finds has snuck its way into the company of some of the most beautiful spaces from Barcelona to Amsterdam, Osaka to Bali.

THE DEETS ON THE ISSUE: ELLE Decoration South Africa: Issue April / May 2014    http://elledecoration.co.za. the story in their online preview



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