Finally! It’s here : )

And at the risk of folks knowing I’m a bit crazy, it makes me freakishly happy. I’ve been obsessed with collecting vintage hotel soaps from seedy roadside motels since…well, forever. So we’re happy to report that after literally years of searching for a maker, we finally found a company to hand-make a custom line of the mini hotel soaps for us. The Greenwich Bay Trading Company soaps: “America’s soap maker since 1962”

ITS ALL IN THE BAR: They call our bar the “THE EARLY AMERICAN SOAP.” It’s made from Fresh Milk & Shea Butter, crafted from an Old World recipe blending virgin olive oil with traditional ingredients to create a triple-milled, vegetable soap reminiscent of fine soaps of the 18th century.  (And… its teensy! Weighing in at just a single ounce).

The paper is matt stock, printed on their vintage Heidelberg printing press.Here’s some backstory on the design. Reference, sketches, mechanicals, and the finished product.

The design is a reproduction of the original business card that we found at camp (dating back to the ’40s). You have to take joy in the little things, right? happy spring, y’all.soap designs


soap 2 soap 3 soap 4 soap1