A Day in the Life of Charlie. (Or, what it’s like to have a camera follow you all day.)

Our  dear friend Jane is a New York-based lifestyle + people photographer. For her next book, she is shooting a series of little humans, documentary style.

Jane: “I‘m booking a flight to Chicago, lets go put angel wings on Charlie and chase her down Michigan Avenue!”

Me: “That sounds ridiculous. How fast can you get here?”

Soon after, she rolls up at day break schlepping her bag of tricks & her body weight in camera gear. She crept into Charlie’s room to capture our favorite moment of the day – when charlie first opens her eyes for the day. The second Charlie met Jane, she clung to her shiny new friend for the duration.

Seeing Jane’s selects – she somehow narrowed it to 700 – made me realize how lightening fast our peanut has gone from a premie-loaf-of-bread in our arms to the teenager she now thinks she is, at 3.

Jane somehow caught that little flicker of a moment in between peanut and teen angst. The parts that happen so fast, we don’t even get to notice, and sometimes can’t even see when we’re in the middle of living it.

She has suspended time for us with these images.

Tomorrow Charlie will running to college, the next day she’ll be walking down the aisle, and that afternoon crawling alongside her own toddler.

Thank you Janer, for helping us preserve the little in-between flickers.


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