Lights. Camera. Action. (A tiny film documenting the door art of our mascot)

I was raised by a signpainter. It financed my first car, paid my way through college and kept me out of trouble most of the time.

But sadly, I havent picked up a brush or touched a can of ONESHOT in nearly 20 years.

So when the time came to commit our name to the doors of our new mascot, we turned the one man in town who hasn’t set his brush down in over 50 years. Chester “Ches” Perry- of Rightway Signs, right here in Chicago.

Watching him work reminded me why i loved it- and why I left it. (I could never, ever have honed the craft the way Ches has).

Here’s a little BTS film about a talented man & his brush.

*to see a real film on this art, you gotta check out SIGN PAINTERS, by our talented friend Sam Macon.

an earlier post on the man behind the brush for our RV trailer project. & and earlier post on my days with the brush & Sam’s film



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